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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bay Area Bonanza, Part 2

Today I spent a lovely day here in Yosemite. I’m staying in Curry Village. It’s certainly a rustic setting. This is my cabin:

It’s the one on the left (#270), with the bench out front. Note that my neighbors on the right only have a rock. Suckers! I’ve decided that if anyone tries to sit on my bench, I’m going to chase them away. The cabin has no plumbing. I’ve stayed at other National Park lodges without a private bath, but at least you have a sink and a toilet in your room. Here you have neither, and need to walk outside in the cold night to get to the men’s room. Needless to say, I’ve tried to avoid fluids after 6PM. And have you ever sat on a toilet in an unheated bathroom on a cold mountain morning? HELLO!

Notice the GENUINE nylon bedding!:

I chose a cabin over a tent, though, because I figured it would be quieter, and you don’t need to lock up your food and scented items (eg, toothpaste) in a bear locker. Bears will bust into cars and tents for that stuff, and you need to sign a waiver when you check in that you won’t leave them there. There’s a $5000 fine if you do! But I digress…

Incidentally, here’s a sign for Curry Village:

Apparently, there are train conductors here, and ear-piercing sounds. But again, I digress…

My first stop of the day was at Bridal Veil Fall:

Some of the waterfalls here are dried up for the season. This one was pretty wispy…the slightest breeze and it wouldn’t reach the bottom.

From here I hit Tunnel View for a great view of Yosemite Valley:

Then I drove up to Glacier Point for more vistas of the Valley:

I created this rather nifty composite panorama to try to give you an idea of the scope. It’s quite an amazing, sweeping view (as always, click on it for a bigger version):

On the way down I noticed this interestingly named hike:

Sadly, I didn’t have time. Which is too bad, because I understand that it also offers terrific views of Gonorrhea Gorge and The Clap Caves.

I headed down to the southern end of the park, near Wawona. Here, at Mariposa, there’s a grove of mighty sequoias:

After hiking around the trees, I headed back to the Valley, in time to return to Tunnel View for sunset:

It was stunning to watch the shadows of the monoliths grow longer across the valley and envelop it in darkness:

That’s all for today. Go back to surfing for porn.


  • Umm. Do I need to mention that when we travel through Australia, I'm going to need running water?
    My needs are few, but fairly specific.

    xblow (a great name for a designer drug.)

    By Blogger Colleen, at 3:58 AM  

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