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Monday, May 28, 2007

Boca and Vega$ (a.k.a. You Gotta Love Livin’, Baby!, Part 1)

Boca Raton and Las Vegas aren’t often combined in a single vacation. In fact, this may be a first. But the whole family was going down to visit Grandma and Papa, and only days later it was Jen Lipkin and Michael Leopold’s Elvis wedding in Vegas. So with one day at home in between I went to Boca, visited a few National Parks (and the unbelievable Antelope Canyon—see pictures in my next post!) with Karen Landes, and spent a wild weekend in Las Vegas.

First stop, Boca. We had some fun decorating my dad as he slept on the flight down:

This trip was mostly about spending time with the family, but we did spend one fun-filled day at the Boca Flea Market. I enjoyed the names of some of the businesses that flourish here. For example, do you just add water to these?:

They start with the finest French Kloth…

This place is involved in a fierce competition with “Suspenders Coming Out Your Ass":

I thought this was a cute place:

Notice the “lingerie” they’re selling…the only people getting intimate in this corner are the Pilgrims:

Isn't “Ten Dollars & Less” and “Fine Jewelry” an oxymoron?:


I love anything in a hut:

There were plenty of offending uses of quotation marks (my personal pet peeve):

That last one also features an offending use of exclamation points. Why are they yelling at us?!?!?!?!?!?!

But my, don’t these look tasty:

These glasses helped Ashley to fit in better with the little old ladies at the Flea Market Food Court:

The Berson girls:

The Berson clan:

The whole mishpacha:

Next stop, Vega$!...


  • kay bye to you referring to me as karen LANDES as though i'm some strange lady you picked up on the plane on the way over!!!!

    By Anonymous mbl, at 3:33 PM  

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