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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bumps in the road (and all over me)

Some of you have asked for an update on my health so here's the latest...

After a few days of Sporanox and Celebrex (ever notice how many drug names end in "x" these days?!) I was feeling significantly better. As the swelling of my ankles started to go down, they also began to itch—which I assumed was related. But it got worse, and I began to notice hives all over my legs. A day later, they were all over my body—even my ears!

Here's a photo of the rash in its early hours (the later ones might scare the children):

By the way, the Brown shorts were a gift from Caitlyn Citrin. She went to Brown. I didn't. I was rejected. Not that I'm bitter and still harp on it almost 20 years later. But I digress...

The docs said it was a reaction to one of the meds. First I stopped the Celebrex, but it got worse (and of course, the pain in my joints returned to boot). I was a big, red, itchy beast who couldn't even sleep. Definitely a new low in this whole experience. But now I've stopped the Sporanox (the antifungal) and it's clearing up. I KNEW I should never have taken that crap! So it was a little sad that just as I was getting better I got worse, and I was indeed a sad sack. But happily I'm back on the road to recovery once again.

The interesting thing is that, at work, I generally write about life-saving drugs. And when you look at clinical trial data, even then, there are always patients who drop out of studies because of side effects. I’ve often wondered, “How can any side effect be so bad that you would stop taking a drug that might save your life?!” Well not that I was ever at death’s door, but I understand a little better now. For a day or two I didn’t give a crap about anything except getting rid of that rash.

So it set me back a little and now I missed my niece Ashley’s preschool graduation, which made me a little sad, too. But assuming I have no further problems I should be back in action by next week.

Thanks again as always for all your well wishes.

By the way, here’s my first product endorsement: Stella D’oro Breakfast Treats are now the Official Snack of the DougBlog:

I haven’t had them since I was a kid, but I got them again during my convalescence and they are deee-licious. And like the commercials used to say, “They’re not just for breakfast.”

Which makes you wonder why the call them “Breakfast Treats”, but again I digress…


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